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The Origin of the Giant Menorah

   Giant Menorah was created by Mark J. Grossman of Long Island, New York.

   A public relations professional by trade, Mark never -- until now -- invented a product in his life.

   But he feels very strongly about Giant Menorah.

   Born and raised in a Jewish neighborhood in New York City, there was never a feeling of being in a cultural minority when it came to the holidays.

   "Each December, the local card store would display racks upon racks of Hanukkah cards," says Mark, "And a small sliver of Christmas cards."

   Reality set in when he moved to suburbia, where he not only had problems finding Hanukkah cards, but also had to drive for miles to find a decent corned beef sandwich.

   At home, he and his two daughters enjoyed the lights on a 60-foot blue spruce tree on their property. In fact, decorating the tree became a neighborhood event, with the local fire department helping to maintain the more than 600 feet of holiday lights. Everyone knew and admired their display.

   But it wasn't complete. His lawn lacked an outdoor decorative item that would allow him and his daughters to express their Jewish pride in any comparable, public way.

   That’s when Mark Grossman got the idea for Giant Menorah.

   He scoured the Internet and dozens of Jewish catalogs for a large outdoor menorah. Finding none, he decided to simply build one.

   "For a Jewish kid, I've always been pretty handy," he said. So, with PVC pipe and electric wire purchased from the local hardware store, Mark built a giant menorah that has become a Long Island landmark during the holiday season.

   Now, for the introductory price of only $99.95 plus shipping, Jews across the world can demonstrate pride in their heritage during the holiday season by displaying their own Giant Menorah.

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