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Here’s what you get.

   Giant Menorah makes everyone smile by adding a new, fun element to the traditional celebration of Hanukkah.

Note: Giant Menorah lights do not flash.  The kit comes with

flicker flame bulbs.  You can also use steady non-flicker bulbs.

   Standing nearly six feet tall, Giant Menorah is a one-of-a-kind lawn decoration. It gives Jewish families – and inter-faith families – a special, new opportunity to demonstrate pride in their heritage during the festive holiday season.

   Giant Menorah is simply designed, structurally sound, and very easy to assemble . . . even for Jews! Giant Menorah arrives in your home as a simple kit consisting of pre-cut white PVC piping, push-in PVC connectors, a UL-approved single wire assembly, and energy-saving flicker flame bulbs. Absolutely no tools are needed for assembly!

   The PVC piping used is called SDR-26 – strong enough to withstand the elements for years to come, but light enough to make shipping and storage a breeze.

   Just assemble, plug into any outlet, and you are ready to enjoy a whole, new way to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

   The “shamash” candle (the “lead candle” or “servant candle“) stands proudly in the center of Giant Menorah, flanked by a set of four candles on either side.

   At sundown on each of the eight evenings of Hanukkah, Jewish families gather to carry forward a beautiful tradition. Jews light an additional candle each evening until all eight candles of the menorah are lit.

   Now, Giant Menorah introduces an exciting new dimension to the family Hanukkah celebration. As candles glow within the Jewish home, Giant Menorah spreads Hanukkah joy by glowing outside the home.

   Through its simplicity and its symbolic meaning, Giant Menorah provides Jews with an enjoyable, new way to relate to their cultural roots. Giant Menorah gives Jews a new reason to smile – to add to the fun of the holiday season – and to count their blessings during the eight happy days of Hanukkah.

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